Miriam Rueda PEREZ

 It is a pleasure for me to recommend the services of teaching received by the Academy. I studied at Bati Dilleri (thanks to the recommendation of a Turkish friend) during my stay in Sakarya while I was studying with the Erasmus programme. Certainly, it has been the best experience I have lived abroad. First, because teachers are native speakers, I think that it is a very important aspect. (In addition, non-native teachers are highly skilled). Second, the possibility of taking classes is very complete and varied regarding vocabulary, conversation, phrasal verb in which everyone participates and also teachers pay attention to each of the students. Third, there is a variety of reading books of all levels that you can take and read them at home. For all these reasons my English level is much improved. Bati Dilleri is the best choice to advance professionally. I recommend it to everyone. I am currently in Holland working as an engineer agronomist and every day I remember having studied in Bati Dilleri. And last but not least, thanks to the attention received by the work team of Batidilleri, especially Vildan, thank you very much for your attention received.